Quick Start Guide

Start Trading & Providing Liquidity


Head to the Exchange Page to start Trading. Use the Exchange panel to select tokens and execute your swaps. Your Swap will always execute using the cheapest route available.

What do the key tooltips on the Exchange page mean?

  • Minimum received: This is the minimum received amount of tokens for your trade.

  • Price Impact (Slippage): Is the change in a token price that is directly caused by your trade.

  • Route: Highlights which pairs your trade executes through.

  • Total Swap Fee: Shows the total amount of fees you need to pay for the swap.

Add Liquidity

Head to the Liquidity page and then select your desired pool to add liquidity. Once you have entered into the pool page, you will be presented with the below layout.

On this page you get all important information about the pool (volume, liquidity, overall pool distribution, earned fees over time and APR calculations) If you want to add liquidity to this pool, click on the button in the red box:

To add liquidity follow the 3 step guide below:

  1. Click "Deposit Liquidity"

  2. Add token amounts

  3. Select your liquidity shape

  4. Press submit

On the right side of this page, you can see the area "My Liquidity". Here you can see all information about your already deposited liquidity.

On the bottom of this page, you can see the "Overall Pool Distribution". Here you can see how much liquidity is provided in which bins around the active bin. This overview gives you great insights about the pool and possible trading / price actions for this trading pair similiar to an order book.

You can choose different Liquidity Shapes:


With spot you can choose in which bins you want to provide liquidity. There is a total of 50 bins around the active bin you can choose via the slider. On the bottom of the red box, you can see the number of bins which you have choosen.

Keep in mind, as more bins you choose, as more Gas Fees you need to pay to provide liquidity.


The protocol will automaticaly add your liquidity with a normal distribution shape across 31 bins.

Bid Ask:

BidAsk deploys your liquidity around the active bin but is concentrating it to the sides. This shape could be efficient to catch depeg situations for stable pairs for example.


With this shape you will add your liquidity evenly distributed across 51 bins.

Remove Liquidity

To remove liquidity, click on "Remove Liquidity" on the top of this page.

You have different options to remove your liquidity. You can remove both token pairs at once by choosing the first option on the upper slider. Just choose how much percentage you want to remove and submit.

The second and third option is to remove only one of the both provided token. With these options, you will remove all the bins with one token besides the active bin.

The liquidity in the active bin can only be removed with the first option.

My Liquidity

The section "My Liquidity" gives you a quick overview of all your provided liquidity positions. The top row shows a summary of all your liquidity aggregated together. Under "Claim all" you can claim all the trading fees earned throughout all your positions in 1 click.

Each pool you provided liquidity for is listed below with its current stats. On the righthand side of each liquidity position the overview shows you if your liquidity is still active or not. Active means that current trading activity is happening in one of the bins you chose to provide liquidity for. If one position shows that your liquidity is Inactive, this means that you have no liquidity provided in the bin where current trading activity is happening. Only liquidity that is active is earning trading fees.

All rewards must be claimed manually, this is a design feature as compounding rewards back into an LP that is in a concentrated range is not a feasible event.

Providing liquidity with a concentrated position is a complex and risky procedure, to familiarize yourself with the types of strategies you can deploy, please read the following guide.

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