Liquidity Strategies

Liquidity Book AMM opens up a new opportunities for your Liquidity Management. With Liquidity Book, you can deploy active liquidity provisioning, this means that you can deploy and manage varying range of strategies, to suit your investment goals. Below is an outline of the various types of strategies that are available, split between Beginner and Advanced.

Beginner Strategies


Normal (Bell Curve) Strategy
Distributes liquidity along the "bell curve", making it similar to the liquidity in order book exchanges. Allows to capture fees from both price increases and decreases, while concentrating liquidity around certain price point.
✅ Advantages:
  • Perfect in calm markets
  • Capital efficient
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Increased risk of impermanent loss
❓ Considerations:
  • Requires rebalancing around current price for maximum effectiveness

Spot (Uniform)

Spot (Uniform) Strategy
Evenly spreads the liquidity out across a specified range or deposits it entirely inside one bin. Having all liquidity in one bin allows users to benefit from the "leverage" the discrete liquidity provides.
✅ Advantages:
  • Perfect for Stablecoin pairs
  • Very capital efficient
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Biggest risk of impermanent loss if price leaves the bin
❓ Considerations:
  • Can be used in volatile pairs for capturing greatest fees with the highest risk of IL

Max (Uniform)

Max (Uniform) Strategy
The spot option, taken to its absolute. The liquidity is allocated to all currently available bins, resembling the liquidity composition in traditional x*y=k exchanges.
✅ Advantages:
  • Perfect for passive LPing
  • Reduced risk of IL compared to other strategies
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Reduced capital efficiency
❓ Considerations:
  • While the capital efficiency is lower than with other shapes, it is still better than x*y=k exchanges


Bid-Ask Strategy
Mimics the bid-ask spread on an order book exchange, allowing liquidity providers to capture fees, as market fluctuates.
✅ Advantages:
  • Captures market volatility
  • Allows to DCA in/out of positions
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Riskier than other strategies
❓ Considerations:
  • Similar to normal shape, requires rebalancing to stay effective

Advanced Strategies

These strategies outlined below are for experienced Traders and all are considered risky. Before deploying any of the below strategies you should be fully aware of the divergence risk they may possess. If you are uncomfortable with closely monitoring your position, please do not engage in active and higher risk liquidity strategies, such as the below.

Ranged Limit Orders

Ranged Limit Order Strategy
Users can use single-sided one-bin spot liquidity to place "limit orders" outside of the current price. Once the price reaches these bins, liquidity in them will be converted from one token to another.
✅ Advantages:
  • Buy/sell tokens at prices you want
  • Withdraw/change your order at any time
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Doesn't earn fees while inactive
❓ Considerations
  • Require withdrawing to prevent converting back

De-peg Bets

De-peg Bet Strategy
Spot shape is perfect for providing liquidity for stablecoin pairs, it can also be used to capture fees during minor depegs.
Combining two spot shapes above and below the current price can even allow users to earn from depegs in both directions.
✅ Advantages:
  • Earn fees from volatility
  • Help contribute to market stability
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Risky if depeg is permanent
❓ Considerations:
  • Similar to limit orders, this approach earns no fees while inactive

Dollar Cost Average While Earning

Dollar Cost Average While Earning Strategy
Combining a one-sided bid-ask shape with uniform distribution can allow you to buy your favourite tokens for cheap if an opportunity arises while continuing to earn fees from swaps around the current price.
✅ Advantages:
  • Stable fee revenue
  • DCA at selected prices
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Sacrifices some fee performance for the DCA opportunities
❓ Considerations:
  • If the order fills it needs to be withdrawn

Gradual Ladder Orders

Gradual Ladder Order Strategy
Layering multiple spot uniform shapes on top of each other in one direction allows users to gradually scale in and out of positions with market movements.
✅ Advantages:
  • Earn fees if the market moves in your favour
  • Passively buy/sell tokens at regular intervals
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Big risk of IL if the market moves against your position
❓ Considerations:
  • Require withdrawing to prevent converting back

Sell / Buy Walls

Sell/Buy Wall Strategy
Combining normal and uniform shapes can allow liquidity providers to form liquidity "walls". This way the liquidity is much deeper one side of the price while keeping exposure in case price moves in the opposite direction.
✅ Advantages:
  • Contribute to price floors while earning fees
  • Less risky than ladder orders approach
❌ Drawbacks:
  • Can result in IL if the price moves beyond the wall
❓ Considerations:
  • Price movements can result in wall needing rebalancing